Greenpower Services offers electrical wiring and rewiring services for homes in Edinburgh and the Lothians. Our professional and reliable electricians will complete the work in a safe, efficient and tidy manner. Your home will be rewired to meet current electrical safety standards.

Why Do You Need To Rewire A House?

Like everything else, electrical wiring gets old and can become faulty and unsafe. However unlike other most other products, old or faulty wiring can cause fire.

New electric socket being fitted by Greenpower Services

There are often quite obvious signs that your home needs rewired but if you are not sure, one of our electricians can provide you with a report that details exactly what needs to be done. Sometimes a full rewire is not required and all you need is a new consumer unit (fuse board) that meets current standards and legislation.

Signs That A Home Needs Rewiring

As you cannot see the electrical wiring in your home you may not be sure if your home actually needs to be rewired. Here are some of the common signs that mean, you should at the very least, get an electrician to check your electrics.

  • Your home is over 40 years old and has not been rewired or checked in that time.
  • There is an old-style fusebox with large white ceramic-style fuses or a wooden backing.
  • Your lights flicker often or you need to replace bulbs often.
  • A socket is warm to the touch or you can smell a strange burning smell.
  • Breakers that trip often.
  • The switches and sockets look old and are maybe broken or cracked.
  • The wiring is not PVCu coated in white or grey.
  • You find you are using too many extension leads or there are less than 2 sockets in each room.

When Is A Good Time To Rewire A House

A full rewire will be quite messy and dusty, however we will work as tidily as possible. If you are living in the house at the time of the rewire we will aim to minimise disruption as much as possible and will leave you with power every night. Although it can be done while you are living in the house we recommend considering rewiring when you will not be living there or when there will be other mess such as:

  • If you have just bought an older property, get it checked before you move in.
  • If you are building an extension and having electrical work done anyway, get the electrical wiring in the rest of the house checked.
  • If you are refurbishing or decorating your home, get the electrics checked first and consider adding new sockets at this time.

How Long Does It Take To Rewire A Home

This will depend on the size of your property, if all wiring needs replaced and if you are adding new sockets. We can advise you when we provide you with a quote for the work, however for an average sized house please expect it to take around 2 weeks.

Electrical Wiring Services in Edinburgh

We provide our electrical wiring and rewiring services to customers in Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Please get in touch if you require:

  • A house rewired.
  • The electrical wiring inspected and a repairs report.
  • A quote for any electrical testing, wiring or rewiring.
  • Further information about our costs and services.